西地中海(バルセロナ ~ ピレウス)

Hear a philosopher’s voice echoing along the walls of the Parthenon, before exploring the Adriatic’s boundless charms - from the warranted fame and beauty of the Amalfi coast to Greece’s finest islands. Elegant Athens with its exciting rebirth is a fitting end for your tale of ancient cultures.

船会社名 シルバーシー・クルーズ 客船名 シルバー・ウィスパー
乗船港/下船港 バルセロナ (スペイン) /
ピレウス/アテネ (ギリシャ)
泊数 12泊


パンフレット代金 ¥764,499~ ($6,900~)

2019年 7月18日



船会社名 ポナン 客船名 ロストラル
乗船港/下船港 カンゲルススアーク (グリーンランド) /
カンゲルススアーク (グリーンランド)
泊数 13泊


パンフレット代金 ¥1,399,612~ (€11,020~)

2019年 8月11日

西地中海(チビタベッキア/ローマ ~ モンテカルロ)

Witness the majesty of the Colosseum, before Sorrento’s gravity-defying beauty inspires, and Sardinia's fragrant lemon trees and storied ruins beguile you, on this voyage for all of the senses. Gasp at the views of ocean meeting mountain from Monte-Carlo's shores, before living the dolce vita in the eternal city.

船会社名 シルバーシー・クルーズ 客船名 シルバー・ウィスパー
乗船港/下船港 チビタベッキア/ローマ (イタリア) /
モンテカルロ (モナコ)
泊数 7泊


パンフレット代金 ¥542,905~ ($4,900~)

2019年 8月27日

アラスカ(バンクーバー ~ スワード)

Big, bold and beautiful, Alaska will change the way you look at the world. From sun up to sun down, each vista is more spectacular than the last. Begin by bucking the tide through the infamous Seymour Narrows, then venture north to the 49th state. From the deep emerald of the forest to the soaring peaks and sensational gastronomy, this Alaskan cruise is much more than just Gold Rush and glaciers.

船会社名 シルバーシー・クルーズ 客船名 シルバー・ミューズ
乗船港/下船港 バンクーバー (カナダ) /
スワード/アンカレッジ/アラスカ州 (アメリカ)
泊数 7泊


パンフレット代金 ¥576,144~ ($5,200~)

2019年 9月5日

英国周遊~Musical Cruise~

In partnership with RADIO CLASSIQUE.  

PONANT invites you on a musical cruise on the shores of the North Sea in partnership with RADIO CLASSIQUE, with the exceptional presence of Alain Duault. Leaving from Honfleur, you will set sail aboard Le Dumont-d'Urville for a 9-day long cruise along the Celtic coastlines.  

You will first discover the Isles of Scilly, a strange little archipelago whose landscapes seem to have come straight out of Enid Blyton's famous story, The Rockingdown Mystery. Here, long sandy beaches stand alongside green fields, while ruins of old castles stand proud on hilltops. 

You will also discover Liverpool, a former industrial powerhouse, today completely redeveloped, located on the banks of the Mersey and famous as the birthplace of the Beatles.

You will then visit Guernsey, whose green prairies and romantic cliffs welcomed Victor Hugo in exile.

Finally, you will be moved by the authentic charm of the port of Penzance, in Cornwall, before heading back to Honfleur, with its Vieux Bassin (harbour) and half-timbered houses.

船会社名 ポナン 客船名 ル・デュモンデュビル
乗船港/下船港 オンフルール (フランス) /
オンフルール (フランス)
泊数 8泊


パンフレット代金 ¥580,420~ (€4,570~)

2019年 9月13日

カリブ海(フォートローダデール ~ サンファン)

A chance to ring in the New Year in superlative comfort and style does not come along often, so why not jump at the chance of welcoming 2020 aboard Silver Wind? From tropical breezes and historical charm in Grand Turk to colourful, cultural Castries, make this a year to remember. Two days at sea punctate this voyage, making sure that you have plenty of time to welcome 2020 with rest and relaxation.

船会社名 シルバーシー・クルーズ 客船名 シルバー・ウインド
乗船港/下船港 フォートローダデール (アメリカ) /
サンファン (プエルトリコ)
泊数 9泊


パンフレット代金 ¥542,905~ ($4,900~

キャンペーン代金 ¥488,615~ ($4,410~)

割引率 10%

2019年 12月27日

カリブ海(サンファン ~ ブリッジタウン)

Start your New Year with bang and celebrate 2020 on board with loved ones and like-minded friends. Begin with a smattering of lovely Caribbean islands before the big event. Two sea days offer ample opportunity for R&R as you wrap up this bundle of fun as you sail toward the gentle rhythms of Barbados and the year ahead.

船会社名 シルバーシー・クルーズ 客船名 シルバー・シャドー
乗船港/下船港 サンファン (プエルトリコ) /
ブリッジタウン (バルバドス)
泊数 10泊


パンフレット代金 ¥642,622~ ($5,800~

キャンペーン代金 ¥578,360~ ($5,220~)

割引率 9%

2019年 12月28日

ゴルフクルーズ in カリブ海

In partnership with Figaro Golf.

Le Figaro and PONANT invite you to combine the pleasures of sailing and teeing off during an all-new 11-day cruise to the heart of the Caribbean.

For this first "Golf and Pro-Am in the Caribbean" edition, you will set sail aboard Le Champlain to discover a series of carefully chosen courses that will take you from Santo Domingo to Fort-de-France

As part of this exceptional cruise, 2 additional play options are available in the « Pre/post & overlands » tab:

  • The option "Competition Pro-Am" with 5 rounds
  • The option "Leisure" including 5 golf courses and 2 optional tournaments

The most experienced among you will be able to participate in the Pro-Am tournament, a programme with five rounds, in the company of professional players led by the French golf legend Bernard Pascassio.

Less experienced golfers have not been forgotten: they will have the possibility of practising their swing freely on the same courses as the Pro-Am teams, by the sea, while enjoying breathtaking panoramas.

Aside from giving you the opportunity to enjoy your passion in exceptional settings, this cruise will allow you to discover some of the most beautiful spots in the Caribbean: the Dominican Republic, its picture-postcard beaches and its capital, Santo Domingo, the oldest city in the New World, listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, the British Virgin Islands, where the white sandy beaches vie for beauty with those you will discover in Road Bay, Saint-Barthélemy and Basseterre.

Some activities can be proposed to all accompanying non-golfers, depending on the possibilities offered by each port of call.

After disembarking your ship, end your trip by visiting Fort-de-France and strolling through its colourful and lively streets. 

船会社名 ポナン 客船名 ル・シャンプラン
乗船港/下船港 サント・ドミンゴ (ドミニカ共和国) /
フォール・ド・フランス (マルティニーク)
泊数 10泊


パンフレット代金 ¥773,470~ (€6,090~)

2020年 2月11日


In partnership with RADIO CLASSIQUE.  

Discover a PONANT itinerary that explores the essential towns and sites of South Africa's wild east coast. A circuit in partnership with RADIO CLASSIQUE, with the exceptional presence of Alain Duault and of the Sirba Quintet.  

At the crossroads of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, embark aboard Le Lyrial on a 9-day cruise between Cape Town, mother-city of the country, dominated by Table Mountain, and Durban, a cosmopolitan seaside city.

This journey in South Africa will also allow you to discover Port Elizabeth, nicknamed "the friendly city" for its welcoming inhabitants, and Richards Bay.

A land of ethnic diversity, South Africa is often described as "a world in one country". Its incredible melting pot of cultures, religions, and histories infuse its rich heritage. 

The diversity of fauna and flora is also one of South Africa's treasures: the nation is home to three of the largest terrestrial mammals-the elephant, rhinoceros and hippopotamus-and its plant life alone represents one tenth of the world's botanic heritage, with some 25.000 species.

Between its bustling metropolises and its breathtaking natural beauty, we invite you to discover the two contrasting sides of this incredible country.

船会社名 ポナン 客船名 ル・リリアル
乗船港/下船港 ケープタウン (南アフリカ) /
ダーバン (南アフリカ)
泊数 8泊


パンフレット代金 ¥414,041~ (€3,260~)

2020年 3月17日

キンバリー周遊~Classical Music cruise~


船会社名 ポナン 客船名 ル・ラペルーズ
乗船港/下船港 ダーウィン (オーストラリア) /
ブルーム (オーストラリア)
泊数 10泊


パンフレット代金 ¥991,921~ (€7,810~)

2020年 5月28日